Mon. Mar 2 2015

Asian Demand for Canadian Lobster on the Rise, Prices Not So Much: Nova Scotia Fisherman

Africa: World Bank Boosts Fisheries in South West Indian Ocean African Countries

Malaysian Shrimp Farmers Robbing Fishermen of Their Income

Five Hospitalized After Eating Fugu Fish in Japan

Safeway Launches Fair Trade Certified Tuna in Pacific Northwest Stores

Bainbridge Island NET Systems Expanding into Purse Seines with MARCO Acquisition

More Maine Scallop Closures to Start Today Including Cobscook Bay

Japanese Trading Firm Buys Croatian Kali Tuna

New Bedford Fish Auction Volume Off 45 Percent Y-T-D from Ice and Winds

Russia Might Lift Import Bans in Exchange for Investment in Processing in Russia

Fri. Feb 27 2015

Walmart Launches Sustainability Leaders Program to Empower Customers to Reward Seafood Producers  

Maine Lobster Landings Reach 100 Million Pounds for Fourth Straight Year; Catch Most Valuable Ever  

TUF Forecasts 250,000 ton Shrimp Export Volume in 2015 for Thailand  

Like Lobster, Clam Prices Spike in Late February as Winter Weather Cuts Supply  

Thai Union Hits Record $3.75 Billion Sales, Boosted by Lobster Business in North America

Alaska Must Decide on Cook Inlet Water Rights for Salmon or a Coal Mine (Fish Radio)   (1)

EU Squashes "Canadian Lobster" Label Approval  

International Mussel Industry Forum Held on P.E.I. Hosted by Aquaculture Alliance

CPF 4th Qtr Hit by Slow Shrimp Recovery, but for Year Profit up 49%  

Restaurant Performance Index Remains Elevated in January

Port Productivity is Not Improving, Maersk CEO Says

TUF to Raise $400 mln in Share Issue for Bumble Bee Buy, Holds to $5 Billion 2015 Sales Target

Thai Labour Ministry Working with Navy to Clamp Down on Trafficking in Fishing Industry

Seafood Cargo Ship Leaves Dutch Harbor After Coast Guard Detainment

Bering Sea King Crab Washes Ashore on English Coast  

Alaska State Waters Pollock Working Group Holds Final Meeting

NFI Salmon Council Partners with Rubbermaid for Tie-In with Heart Month Campaign

Maryland DNR May Increase Minimum Size of Soft Shell Crabs   (1) 

Alaska Board of Fisheries Hears From Commercial Herring Interests vs. Subsistence

Vietnam Firm Setting Up 100,000 Tonne Aqua Feed plant in Andhra Pradesh

"Seasteading" Idea of Floating Cities: Impractical Fantasy or Visionary Idea?

Rappahannock River Oyster Owners Open Second Rocksalt Restaurant

Maryland Rockfish Poacher May face Federal Prison Sentence

China's Positive Role Recognized at Samoa Symposium "China and the Pacific"

NOAA and Gloucester Sector Reach Agreement on Gulf of Maine Codfish Proposal  

Scottish Salmon Heathrow's Single Largest Passenger Plane Cargo Hold Item

Thousands of Pounds of Fish Consumed Weekly in Louisiana's Lenten Fish Fry Season

Sustainable Massachusetts Commercial Fisheries Summit March 2 in Boston

Iran Seeking Tariff Concessions from Russia for Newfound Fish Trade News Summary Friday February 27, 2015

Thu. Feb 26 2015

Editor's View: Restaurant Industry Shifts Away from Worrying About Seafood Prices

Newfoundland's Fishery Minister Confident That Facts Will Compel Feds to Overturn LIFO Shrimp Policy  

Letters: Canadians Strongly Defend Their Halibut Accountability, Say US Should Emulate Them  

Supreme Court Overturns Fisherman's Conviction for Tossing Undersize Grouper

TUF Spent About US$100 Million in Deals to Acquire Meralliance and King Oscar

Cargill Invested $7.8M to Promote Aquaculture in the South of Mexico

Shortage of Shrimp Broodstock Forecast for China in 2015 Despite Surge in Suppliers  

USDA, HHS Face Backlash from Inclusion of Sustainability in Dietary Guidelines

Most of Alaska's Fishermen are Adverse to Catch Privatization (Fish Radio)

Can GMO Technology Promote Sustainable Salmon Farming?

Virginia facing Lower Oyster Harvest from Public Reefs Next Season

Guangxi Sees Surge in Tilapia Exports of 23% Last Year, Values Double  

Coast Guard Tells Congress it Needs to Replace Medium Endurance Cutters with Offshore Patrol Cutters

Wal-Mart CEO Talks About Pay Raises, How Customers Shop and What He's Learned from Critics

Seafood Watch Has Updated Its Mobile App

Russian Port Authorities Discuss East-West Fish Shipping Route Via Northern Sea

$16M Newfoundland-Labrador Fund Criticized for Small Number of Harvester Projects

Aker Biomarine Commits $500,000 to Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund

NAA, APHIS Propose Aquaculture Health Program

Target Posts Q4 Earnings Boost in Wake of Canada Exit

Maine to Start Closing Some Scallop Areas March 2  

Seafish Appoints New Aquaculture Manager

SalMar Q4 EBIT Up Sharply Over Year-Ago News Summary Thursday February 26, 2015

Wed. Feb 25 2015

Live Lobster Prices Up Sharply in February as Winter Weather Halts Fishing in Canada and Maine  

Aquabounty Gearing Up for Salmon Approval, Reported 2014 Loss of $7.1 million

Thailand Revising Fishing Sector Law to Allow Inspection of Fishing Vessels

Gulf Shrimp Landings in January Post Sixth Straight Monthly Gain Over 2013/14 Season  

'Worst of all Possible Times' to Gut Alaska Fish Commission says Chair

Clearwater hits record $445 in sales on higher shellfish prices

Red Snapper Reallocation Reform Bill Reintroduced to Congress  

Ten State Plus DC Attorneys General Joined in FTC Injunction Against Sysco-US Foods Merger

Alaska's Eastside Cook Inlet Shore Closed to Razor Clamming

Black Cod Tips and Seafood Dog Treats Surprise Winners at Alaska's Symphony of Seafoods (Fish Radio)

After Exiting Canada, Target Now Prepared to Refocus on Foods

How Long Does Fresh Fish Last in the Fridge?

"Ghost" Crab Pots Still Killing Notable Numbers of King Crabs in Kodiak  

Bakkafrost's Profits Up in 2014 as Faroe Island Salmon Flows to Russian Market

Shedd Aquarium Manager Gives Today's Farmed Fish the Respect it Deserves

Australia's Queensland Banning Net Fishing In 3 Areas, Pandering To Sport Fishing Interests

Mid Atlantic Council May Impose Emergency Limits on Blueline Tilefish

Bonefish Grill Opens Ninth Maryland Restaurant in Towson, Raises $5,000 for United Way

Fall Chinook Run Shaping Up to Be 3rd Largest in Modern Era  

Kona Grill Q4 sales up 29 percent but loss exceeded year-ago News Summary Wednesday February 25, 2015

Tue. Feb 24 2015

Louisiana Crawfish Processors in a Bind Over H2B Changes: No Permits Available, and Wages up Sharply  

Russia Offers $100 Million in Seafood Subsidies, Pollock Producers want to Double Sales to Europe  

Sablefish, Toothfish Prices Soar in Japan in Face of Weak Yen, Other Asian Demand  

Plenty of Buyers, But Few Sellers Around for Higher Priced Alaskan Halibut Permits (Fish Radio)  

Russia Expects 450,000 Tons of Pacific Salmon, up 30% from 2014, in Strong Year for Pinks  

USDA Organic Standards for Salmon will Support Net Pen Aquaculture, Likely Spark Fight with NGOs  

Ocean Acidification's Effect on Shellfish Starting to Get the Scientific Attention it Deserves   (1)

Nova Scotia Lobsters May be Contracting Deadly Parasite From Green Crabs Used as Bait

Yihe Launches Alaskan Jack's Brand of Pacific Northwest Chum Salmon for Retail

Darden CEO pick could represent major change

Gorton's Takes New Smart & Crunchy Fish Sticks and Fillets on the Road

Tasmania's Huon Aquaculture 6 Months Net Profit Up 11.5 Percent News Summary Tuesday February 24, 2015

Arctic Paws's Yummy Chummies Dog Treats Win Grand Prize for 2015 Alaska Symphony of Seafood

Preferred Notes Higher Demand for Cold Storage Capacity; Expands Houston Express Facility

Long John Silvers Appoints James O'Reilly as CEO

Fall River Backs Tax Breaks to Assist Blount's $10 Million Expansion

Iceland Haddock and Saithe Re-certified to Iceland's Responsible Fisheries Management Specification

First Nations Continuing to Fight DFO Decision to Open BC Herring Roe Fisheries

US Task Force on IUU Fishing Fails to Call Out China With Largest Subsidized Fleet in the Pacific

Scientists Say Eating Fatty Fish Will Chase the Winter Blahs Away

Austevoll Seafood Raises Dividend Despite Drop in Q4 Net Profit

Alaska's Minimum Wage Rising to $8.75

Leroy Seafood group Reports Record Breaking Year, Russia's Import Ban a Challenge

Chefs Enjoy Showing Off Lobster's Versatility  

Lower Production Impacts Last Weeks' Beef, Poultry Markets; Weather Issues Ripple Through Seafood  

Mon. Feb 23 2015

Editor's View: The Gov't Has Given the US Seafood Industry a Huge Opportunity; We Won't Take It   (3) News Summary Monday February 23, 2015

VIDEO: Alaska Salmon Success is Grounded in Collaboration  

Walmart's Company-Wide Pay Raise Puts Pressure on McDonald's, Entire QSR Sector

Dietary Guidelines Advisory Report Strongly Urges More Seafood Consumption, Supports Aquaculture

Russian Aquaculture Name Change Shows its Multi-Million Dollar Comittment to Fish Farming

Gloucester Times Says NOAA Move to Reconsider NE Cod Cuts Allows for More Industry Input (Editorial)

Cook Inlet's Roland Maw Pulls Name From Alaska Fish Board Consideration

Kenny Down Appointed To Fill John Henderschedts Seat On The N. Pacific Council Representing Wash.

Gene Lee Elected as Darden's Permanent CEO

Vessel Safety Training Courses Now Available to Alaska's Fishermen (Fish Radio)

West Coast Ports Face Several Months' Backlog

Royal Salmon Subsidiary Indicted for Misreporting of Sea Lice

Red Lobster Move to New Headquarters To Be Completed March 6

West Australian Rock Lobster Industry Flourishing with High Asian Demand and Robust Landings  

How Chipotle is Forcing Sit-Down Chains Like Olive Garden to Rethink Lunch

Nine Vietnamese Fishermen Jump Overboard from Taiwanese Vessels off Falklands

FAO Software Allows Quick ID of Endangered Shark Species from Fin Shapes

Maine's Scallop-Rich Cobscook Bay Remaining Open At Least Another Week  

Industry Groups React to Dietary Guidelines Advisory Report

Sysco Defends Merger with US Foods, Exploits Split Among FTC Commissioners

NZ King Salmon Working on Development of Species Specific Feed

Andhra Pradesh Vanamei Farmers Plead for Quality Brood Stock

Quinlan Brothers Suing Former Workers, Cold North Seafoods over Proprietary Crab Machine

Tentative Deal Reached for U.S. West Coast Ports, Subject to Ratification

Faroe Islands get Salmon Windfall as Virtual Monopoly Supplier of Fresh Salmon to Russia  

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Walmart Launches Sustainability Leaders Program to Empower Customers to Reward Seafood Producers

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton - February 27, 2015

Walmart has been an influential leader in setting how food retailers educate their consumers and manage their supply chains to support sustainable purchasing. Their statements and actions regarding seafood have evolved over time.
The latest program is called ‘Sustainability Leaders’, and is an attempt to mark consumer packages with a Walmart sustainability logo. 

Called Sustainability Leaders shop...

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Maine Lobster Landings Reach 100 Million Pounds for Fourth Straight Year; Catch Most Valuable Ever

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - February 27, 2015

Maine lobster landings were 123.6 million pounds in 2014 making this the first time in more than 100 years of records that landings have exceeded 100 million pounds four years in a row.

The overall value of the catch also set new record, driven by big year-over-year rise in the per pound price.  The average boat price in Maine in 2014 was $3.69, vs. $2.90 in 2013.  Total value was a record $456.9 million.  Canadian catches also hit a record value, estimated to be $1.5 billion.   A portion of Maine production was exported to Canada for reprocessing. 

The 2014 Maine catch  of 123.6 million was about 4 million pounds shy of the 2013 haul. This marked the third straight year that the Maine lobster fishery produced over 120 million pounds of landed volume...


Full Story »

TUF Forecasts 250,000 ton Shrimp Export Volume in 2015 for Thailand

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton - February 27, 2015

Thai Union elaborated on their shrimp outlook in their latest financial report.  For 2014, the company estimates Thai output of around 200,000 tons.  This is a 20% drop from the prior year. 
Sales value increased for the company by 4.9% year over year, due to increased sales of value added shrimp, and efforts of the US trading operation.   However, US trading margins were impacted by high cost inventory that was carried over from the period of historically high shrimp prices, and had to be discounted.
For 2015, TUF expects a gradual recovery of the Thai shrimp supply ...

Full Story »

Like Lobster, Clam Prices Spike in Late February as Winter Weather Cuts Supply

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - February 27, 2015

Clams have become the latest seafood item to fall victim to February's icy conditions and cold temperatures. Traders have reported short supplies with fishermen unable to harvest and prices are up sharply since the start of the month. 

Urner Barry's Fulton Market prices for 400 count littleneck out of Long Island are up 31 percent to $115 per pound. This a $27.5 per pound increase since the first week of February.

Traders report short supplies with fishermen have been unable to harvest in iced over clamming grounds. Earlier this week lobster traders reported similar situations in Maine and Canada. New England's lobstermen--with their boats frozen in harbors--have been unable to fish for three weeks. In Canada, lobster pounds are also iced over and fishing in Nova Scotia has been minimal. The lack of fishing has led to lower lobster supplies and record high live prices in February.

So for now, winter weather impacts to the the clam market are trending quite similar to what's happening with lobster. Reduced fishing efforts have pinched clam supplies in late February and prices are up sharply heading into March.

Full Story »

Thai Union Hits Record $3.75 Billion Sales, Boosted by Lobster Business in North America

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton - February 27, 2015

Thai Union Frozen Products (TUF) announced record sales for 2014 in its latest financial report.
The company said that sales equalled $3.75 billion, up 2.4% year over year. The primary drivers were a weaker Thai Baht (the company reports in local currency), and growth in non-tuna categories.
These include value added products, lobster which was boosted by the deal between Orion and Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods...

Full Story »

Alaska Must Decide on Cook Inlet Water Rights for Salmon or a Coal Mine (Fish Radio)

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Fish Radio with Laine Welch] February 27, 2015 

This is Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch. Will it be water rights for salmon or a coal strip mine? How you can weigh in after this 

The state is getting ready to choose between giving water rights to sustain wild salmon or to Alaska’s largest coal mine proposed at Upper Cook Inlet. If it opts for the mine, the decision will set a troubling legal precedent – it means the same could soon be coming to a river near you.

"It would be the first time in Alaska’s state history that we would allow an Outside corporation to mine completely through a salmon stream. And the purpose is to ship coal to China. There would be no domestic use for this coal. And it’s really a very dangerous precedent because if they can do it here in Cook Inlet they will be able to do it anywhere in the state."

Full Story »

International Mussel Industry Forum Held on P.E.I. Hosted by Aquaculture Alliance

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Journal Pioneer] - February 27, 2015 - 

A wide net hauled in a diverse group of mussel industry players to a new forum held in Charlottetown. Ann Worth, executive director of the P.E.I. Aquaculture Alliance, says the three-day P.E.I. Mussel Industry Innovation and Technical Forum focused on innovations that mussel-producing areas in the world have embraced to help move the industry forward.

P.E.I. accounts for 70 per cent of Canadian mussel production.

Mussel landings in the province for 2013 were just over 40 million pounds with a direct value in excess of $30 million, said Worth.


Full Story »
Restaurant Performance Index Remains Elevated in January
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [National Restaurant Association] February 27, 2015 
Buoyed by higher same-store sales and traffic and a positive outlook among operators, the National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Performance Index (RPI) remained elevated in January. The RPI stood at 102.7 in the first month of the year, representing the fourth consecutive month above the level of 102. 
In addition, January marked the 23rd consecutive month in which the RPI stood above 100, which signifies expansion in the index of key industry ..

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TUF  to Raise $400 Million in Share Issue for Bumble Bee Buy, Holds to $5 Billion 2015 Sales Target 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Reuters] - By Khettiya Jittapong - February 27, 2015 - 

BANGKOK, Thai Union Frozen Products Pcl (TUF) said today it aims to raise $400 million by offering new shares to help finance acquisitions, including the purchase of U.S. competitor Bumble Bee Seafoods.

Thai Union, the world's largest producer of canned tuna, plans to move quickly to cut debt after making its largest-ever acquisition with the $1.5 billion move for Bumble Bee in December.

Earlier, the company announced a weaker-than-expected 14 percent fall in fourth-quarter net profit and reiterated its $5 billion sales target for 2015...

Full Story »

Editor’s View: Restaurant Industry Shifts Away from Worrying About Seafood Prices

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Editor's View] by John Sackton  February 26, 2015

We have consistently covered foodservice and restaurant business news in our daily selection of news stories, even though they are often not the most widely read. Many seafood wholesalers are one or two steps removed from their foodservice customers, or they deal directly with a smaller group of restaurants, rather than national chains.
Yet what happens at foodservice has a real bearing on prices and demand for seafood. The last few years have put the restaurant industry in a real bind: higher food and seafood costs, especially on marquis items such as shrimp and crab, ran smack into a period of declining traffic and weak restaurant sales.
Most operators responded by raising menu prices, further depressing traffic and sales. That era appears to be coming to an end. Last week we wrote that January restaurant traffic was the best in five years. (Link
With better traffic and a positive sales outlook....

Full Story »

Newfoundland's Fishery Minister Confident That Facts Will Compel Feds to Overturn LIFO Shrimp Policy

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [VOCM] February 26, 2015

The Fisheries Minister says he's cautiously optimistic that when provided the evidence, the federal government will abandon the LIFO policy.

The latest in a series of protests against shrimp quota allocations was held in Old Perlican by the FFAW yesterday.

Vaughn Granter says the province categorically doesn't support the last-in, first-out policy. He says if the federal government doesn't back off, it will mean total devastation for some coastal communities...

Full Story »

Letters:  Canadians Strongly Defend Their Halibut Accountability, Say US Should Emulate Them

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Letters]  February 25, 2015

Response to the February 17, 2015 Editor's View: Comments on the News This Week, and Is Halibut the New 'New England Cod'?

In his February 17, 2015 editorial, John Sackton asserts that halibut is in danger of becoming the North Pacific’s New England cod. He argues that several factors are compounding the problem, one of which is “the Canadians with an extremely poor record on the west coast. ” Clearly Mr. Sackton is unaware of the management regime in place in all commercial groundfish fisheries on Canada’s west coast, the steps Canada has taken to reduce halibut bycatch mortality and what the IPHC data for Canadian waters (IPHC Regulatory Area 2B) shows.
There are seven commercial groundfish fisheries conducted on Canada’s west coast -- Halibut, Sablefish, Inside Rockfish, Outside Rockfish, Lingcod, Dogfish and Groundfish Trawl. The fisheries are managed in an integrated manner such that all mortalities of directed species and non-directed species must be accounted for. To account for this mortality, fishermen must reallocate individual transferable quota (ITQ, or IFQ in the United States) between fisheries to cover all mortalities, regardless of whether the catch is kept, utilized at sea, or released at sea...

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NFI Salmon Council Partners with Rubbermaid for Tie-In with Heart Month Campaign

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] - February 27, 2015 - 

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) Salmon Council is joining forces with three highly influential food bloggers for a yearlong ambassador program, following the successful launch of a Facebook page in 2014.

“Studies continue to show that bloggers are strong influencers with highly engaged audiences,” said Judy Dashiell, Sr. V.P. with NFI. “Our mission is to encourage Americans to eat more salmon at home and in restaurants – so it makes perfect sense for the Salmon Council to partner with talented food bloggers, as well as the iconic brand Rubbermaid.”

The Salmon Council’s 2015 ambassador program includes collaboration with three acclaimed bloggers.

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Alaska Board of Fisheries Hears From Commercial Herring Interests vs. Subsistence

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Daily Sitka Sentinel] By Tom Hesse and Shannon Haugland - February 27, 2015 - 

Public testimony at the Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting here wrapped up this morning with a flurry of public comments pitting commercial herring interests against subsistence regulations that have gained traction in recent years.

The fisheries board is scheduled to continue through next Tuesday.


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"Seasteading" Idea of Floating Cities: Fantasy or Visionary?

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Greenbiz] By Shilpi Chhotray - February 27, 2015 - 

The Seasteading Institute is in the early phases of establishing permanent dwellings in the high seas with new political and social systems. Joe Quirk, the director of communications for the institute, says, floating cities will essentially create platforms for anyone to create their own government start-up, and aquatic nations will have to compete for citizens. 

Billionaire PayPal founder Peter Thiel invested $1.25 million in seed money to The Seasteading Institute in 2008. He calls the islands an “open frontier for experimenting with new ideas for government,” including a society free of welfare, minimum wages, strict weapons restrictions and rigid building codes.

Quirk is in the process of negotiating with coastal host nations for political autonomy and expects the first floating city to be established in 2020. 

Full Story »

Maryland Rockfish Poacher May face Federal Prison Sentence

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Baltimore Sun] By Catherine Rentz - February 27, 2015 - 

On Friday, two men with a fondness for Maryland's Tilghman Island will gather for a hearing in a wood-paneled federal courtroom in downtown Baltimore.

Seated at the bench will be Judge Richard D. Bennett, who has a painting of the Knapps Narrows channel in his conference room and speaks of his visits to the Eastern Shore community. Seated in front of him will be Michael D. Hayden Jr., a fourth-generation islander who has been convicted in a rockfish poaching conspiracy.

Full Story »

NOAA and Gloucester Sector Reach Agreement on Gulf of Maine Codfish Proposal 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Gloucester Daily Times] By Sean Horgan - 

February 27, 2015 - 

The period for public comment ends Monday on the fishing sectors’ proposal to trade cod allocation for the elimination of some restrictive elements of the emergency cod measures NOAA Fisheries instituted last November in the Gulf of Maine.

So, barring comment that will sway NOAA to a different conclusion, a coalition of industry stakeholders and sector managers seem to have done something extraordinary: convince the federal fisheries management regulator to reconsider a policy deemed by fishermen to be overly restrictive, dangerous and economically unfair.

Both sides conceded that the ultimate compromise on the emergency cod measures represents a departure from the way they usually interact and the oft-abrasive tenor their color their discussions...

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Thousands of Pounds of Fish Consumed Weekly in Louisiana's Lenten Fish Fry Season 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Times Picayune] By Suzie Hunt  - February 27, 2015 - 

After the excitement of Mardi Gras is over and king cakes disappear from the grocery shelves, we come to another wonderful food season -- Lenten Fish Fry season. I am not the only one who looks forward to Friday nights in the waning part of winter in Slidell.

The fish fries in our area are predominately hosted by the local churches and collectively, they cook up thousands of pounds of fish each week to be enjoyed by the masses. 

Full Story »

EU Squashes "Canadian Lobster" Label Approval

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Guardian] by Steve Sharratt - February 27,2015

Canadian lobster will have to masquerade as Americans once again if Maritime seafood is going to gain access into one of the most lucrative marketplaces in the world.

And all because of three European countries that say no and a language scarcely used by anyone but the Pope.

The fishing industry is anxious to gain access to the 28 countries of Europe, but the European Union requires that lobster must be identified by its Latin name — namely “Homarus Americanus” or American lobster...

Full Story »

CPF 4th Qtr Hit by Slow Shrimp Recovery, but for Year Profit up 49%

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Reuters] - February 27, 2015 -   

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) , Thailand's largest meat and animal feed producer, said fourth quarter net profit dropped more than a half, missing forecasts, hit by a slower-than-expected recovery in its shrimp business.
CPF, owned by billionaire Dhanin Chearavanont's Charoen Pokphand Group, posted on Friday a net profit of 807 million baht ($25 million) for the October-December quarter, lower than the 1.8 billion baht average forecast in a Reuters poll of six analysts.
This compared with 1.76 billion baht profit a year earlier.
For 2014, annual net profit rose 49 percent to 10.6 billion baht ($330 million), with sales rising 9 percent to 426 billion baht ($13.7 billion)..

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Port Productivity is Not Improving, Maersk CEO Says 

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [JOC] by Peter Tirschwell - February 27, 2015

The fundamental industry problem identified as soon as mega-ships of 10,000 TEUs and above started hitting the waves remains alive and well -- and wholly unresolved.
That is the problem of productivity. There has been little progress in carriers’ and terminals’ ability to get these ships quickly worked and sent back out to sea, resulting in delays to cargo and added costs for carriers. Maersk Line made a point of mentioning the issue in its full-year earnings release on Thursday and CEO Soren Skou discussed it in an interview with
“We continue to build ships that are bigger and bigger and if we can’t get the containers off faster the whole thing will ...

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Thai Labour Ministry Working with Royal Navy to Clamp Down on Trafficking in Fishing Industry

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [TNA] - February 27, 2015 -

BANGKOK, In its attempts to prevent human trafficking-related problems in the Thai fishing industry, the Ministry of Labour has joined hands with the Royal Thai Navy and labour officials in 22 coastal provinces in strictly implementing preventive measures, including inspecting trawler operators to seriously intercept illegal labour forces.

According to a latest official report issued on February 26, Labour Ministry officials had inspected 184 local fishery offices employing 4,340 workers in 22 coastal Thai provinces, seven of them had violated the law on payment to employees and on the list of the number of employees.

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Seafood Cargo Ship Leaves Dutch Harbor After Coast Guard Detainment
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Alaska Dispatch News]  By Tegan Hanlon - February 26, 2015
A cargo ship has been permitted to leave the Aleutian Islands Port of Dutch Harbor after the Coast Guard detained the vessel for two weeks amid an ongoing environmental crimes investigation.
The German operator and owner of the 600-foot container vessel signed an agreement with the Coast Guard on Thursday, posting a $500,000 bond and agreeing to leave some of its approximately 20 crew members in Anchorage in exchange for permission to leave port, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Kevin Feldis.
Feldis said the crew will stay to respond to investigators' questions. The operator and owner will cover the crews...

Full Story »

Bering Sea King Crab Washes Ashore on English Coast

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Mail Online]  By Richard Gray  -  February 26, 2015

Oceanographers have been left baffled as to how the crab, which usually inhabit the icy Bering Sea off the coastline of Alaska, got 4,700 miles from its normal habitat.

The crab was discovered on the beach in Redcar, north Yorkshire by oceanographer David McCreadie and his fiancee Diane Weinoski.

The formidable-looking crustacean was around 30 inches across, although the crabs can grow to have a leg span of up to five feet.

It suggests the crab was still relatively young and may have been swept to the UK by powerful currents or in a storm.

Red king crabs were first introduced to the Barents Sea off northern Russia in the 1960s but have now become so numerous they have overflowed down the west coast of Norway.

Some fisherman fear these massive crabs...


Full Story »
Alaska State Waters Pollock Working Group Holds Final Meeting
SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Alaska Journal of Commerce] by DJ Summers - February 26, 2015 
A limited entry state waters pollock fishery could ease some of the impending Gulf of Alaska rationalization headaches, but the experimental permits fishing for pollock with non-trawl gear haven’t yet proven their value.
A working group of stakeholders and fisheries officials met for the third and last time on Feb. 18 to discuss adding a limited entry state pollock fishery to Alaska waters for both trawl and non-trawl vessels.
The group intended to have a report on the matter the present to the Board of Fisheries for its March 17-20 meeting, but will end up with only a notes package. Board of Fisheries members Sue Jeffrey and John Jensen chaired and co-chaired the ...

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Maryland DNR May Increase Minimum Size of Soft Shell Crabs

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [WBOC] - February 27, 2015 - 

CAMBRIDGE, Md.- A proposed regulation in Maryland would increase the minimum size of soft shell crabs, or peelers, that watermen are allowed to catch and keep.  The goal is to provide smaller crabs with more time to molt to maturity, mate and spawn.  Watermen are concerned this small change could cost big bucks.

The way the peeler season works now is in two phases.  Your minimum size from April 1 through July 15 is 3 1/4 inches, after that it goes up to 3 1/2 inches.  This proposed regulation would make the minimum size 3 1/2 for the entire season for recreational and commercial crabbers.

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Vietnam Firm Setting Up 100,000 Tonne Aqua Feed plant in Andhra Pradesh

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Emerging Markets] - February 27, 2015 - 

A Vietnam based feed manufacturer will be setting up a 100,000 tonne capacity aqua feed plant in Andhra Pradesh.

The plant will be set up in two phases, the first phase will have 50,000 tonnes capacity of fish feed annually and the balance 50,000 tonnes will be of shrimps feeds," the source adds.The source said: "We are already in talk with many for purchasing 10 acres to 15 acres of land strategically located between in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh and close to Tamil Nadu state.

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Rappahannock River Oyster Owners Open Second Rocksalt Restaurant

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Charlotte Observer] By Helen Schwab - February 27, 2015 - 

The owners of Rappahannock River Oysters, an oyster farming operation in Virginia noted nationally for the past decade or so, have found success with several restaurants, including Merroir, a place on the banks on the Rappahannock River.

They have opened a second Rocksalt; the first is in Charlottesville, and at each, the plan is to let shellfish lead, surely, but allow menu idiosyncracies.

The food: Charlotte chef Jay Pierce (lately of Greensboro's Lucky 32) will be changing up the set often. The first incarnation includes raw bar items individually or grouped ("The Myers Park," for $72, is a dozen each of oysters, clams, mussels and shrimp, for instance); three varieties of caviar with vinegar chips and crème fraiche; oyster chowder, Carolina shrimp ceviche, three variations on broiled oysters; and mains such as seared Carolina trout with Texas caviar, pan-fried catfish and a Thai version of mussels and noodles.<

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China's Positive Role Recognized at Samoa Symposium "China and the Pacific"

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Xinhua] By Liu Peng - February 27, 2015 - 

SUVA, China's positive role in the Pacific region was recognized and commended during a symposium that concluded on Friday in Samoan capital of Apia.

Co-organized by the Center for Oceania Studies at China's Sun Yat-sen University, the National University of Samoa and New Zealand Contemporary China Research Center at Victoria University of Wellington, the three-day conference, themed "China and the Pacific: The view from Oceania", took a multidisciplinary approach to examining Pacific island perspectives on China's evolving relations with countries in the Pacific region. Scholars and officials from China and the Oceania took the opportunity to exchange views on China's role in the region.


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Scottish Salmon Heathrow's Single Largest Passenger Plane Cargo Hold Item

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Irvine Herald] By Lorraine Howard - February 27, 2015 - 

MP Brian Donohoe was surprised last week to discover, while making inquiries about airport expansion plans, that the biggest export from the UK’s busiest terminal is prime Scottish salmon.

The MP was told that London’s giant Heathrow Airport handles more than a quarter of the country’s air freight and carries Scotland’s iconic fish as the single largest cargo item in the belly-hold of passenger planes.

Mr Donohoe is keen to re-establish regional links with Heathrow long before a decision is made on the proposed new London runway. 

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