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The Winding Glass: We Need a New Magnuson Act to Deal with Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries

[The Winding Glass is an opinion and commentary column from SeafoodNews Founder and Publisher John Sackton.]

50 years ago fisheries were in crisis.  The prevailing international law allowed no national control of ocean activities beyond 12 miles.  

Similar fishing situations were occurring around other coastal nations. 

The key features of the Magnuson-Stevens Act passed in 1976 were regional councils,  the best available science, and to involve all stakeholders in the council and decision-making process.

Today we are facing a new crisis...

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Highly Ironic That Export Award from Gov’t Went to Maine Company Most Hurt by Seafood Tariffs

[The Winding Glass is an opinion and commentary column from SeafoodNews Founder and Publisher John Sackton.]

The danger of an escalating trade war with China for the seafood industry runs on two tracks.  For importers, especially of tilapia, the prospect of a permanent 25% tariff will force a major reshuffling in the category.  Unless the exemption on taxing products from the US processed in China is revoked, other items like pink salmon, twice frozen cod and pollock, and processed flatfish which are...

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The Winding Glass: If Your Only Tool is Anti-Trust, Everything Looks Like Price Fixing

This week Euclid fish launched a US class action price-fixing suit against the major salmon companies.

Over the past several years, we have seen several major price fixing or anti-trust cases.  The one that has legs is the tuna price-fixing case, in which a conspiracy to control competition and limit discounts was discovered by the Dept. of Justice, and the three companies involved all pled guilty.

Several tuna executives have pled guilty as well, and currently, Chris Lischewski, former CEO of Bumble Bee...


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Op-Ed: At Close of 115th Congress, Modern Fish Act Demonstrates Bipartisanship is Still Possible

On Wednesday night this week, the House of Representatives passed Senator Roger Wicker’s “Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act of 2017,” commonly referred to as the Modern Fish Act.

Stakeholder engagement resulted in a bill that includes:

  • A GAO study to assess the ecological, conservation, economic and social factors of each component of mixed-use fisheries, and an assessment of the budgetary requirements for periodic allocation reviews at the South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Councils
  • A NAS study examining limited access privilege programs...

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Tom Mazzetta Not Bothered by Tariffs on AK Seafood, Says Shrimp Tariffs Forced Him to Close Plant

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SEAFOODNEWS] Opinion - by Tom Mazzetta - August 21, 2018

The following opinion was written by Tom Mazzetta, President of Mazzetta Company, regarding some of the issues surrounding the proposed tariffs on Alaskan seafood exported to China for Processing.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce recently announced that it would require roughly $811 million to support U.S. fishermen affected by retaliatory Chinese tariffs set to go into effect this week.  

Included in that number is financial support that would theoretically go to Alaskan seafood ...


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Op-Ed: Murkowski's Lack of Oversight on Pebble

It’s May and my pre-fishing season to-do list is growing longer along with the Alaskan days. Springtime momentum is building toward the crescendo of the salmon fishing season in Bristol Bay.  Along with all of the pre-season boat preparations I am preoccupied with Pebble Mine, which is hurtling at breakneck speed through the permitting process. The US Army Corp of Engineers is at the helm with the throttle maxxed and they’re ignoring the hazards and shoalwater they are tasked to navigate. The proposed mine plan and...

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OPINION: Many Alaska Peninsula Corporation Shareholders Aren’t Willing to Trade Salmon for Gold

Why would APC lend an air of credibility to a project that would threaten our fish and our way of life, while benefiting a foreign mining company?

The Alaska Peninsula Corporation (APC) is the merged Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act village corporation for the Bristol Bay communities of South Naknek, Newhalen, Port Heiden, Ugashik and Kokhanok. Recently, ADN ran an opinion piece from APC CEO Dave McAlister regarding the proposed Pebble Mine, a project he believes can save the communities around...

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John Kerry and Julie Packard Discuss their 5 Nation Asia Aquaculture Initiative

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [The Boston Globe] by John F. Kerry and Julie Packard - October 30, 2018

Tip O'Neill said, “All politics is local." It is just as applicable to global environmental diplomacy as it is to local ward politics. You have to go to the source of the problem to solve a challenge as vast as the health of the world's oceans. That's exactly what the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Monterey Bay Aquarium are doing — starting in Southeast Asia, the region from which ...

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OPINION: Hatcheries Are a Vital Part of Alaska's Fisheries

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] Opinion by Jerry McCune - July 3, 2018

Jerry McCune is the former president of United Fishermen of Alaska and the current president of Cordova District Fishermen United.

Summer is here, and salmon are returning to Alaska's rivers. Boats stream out of our harbors while Alaskans ready their sport rods, dipnets, and subsistence nets to take part in the annual harvest. Amid this swirl of activity runs another current that is far less enjoyable — the swirl of fish politics. The current topic of discussion, misinformation, and debate is Alaska's hatchery program ...

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