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French Scallopers See Bumper Harvest

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Reuters] by Pascal Rossignol - December 20, 2017

On the trawler Thierisa the mood was festive. It was the first day of the scallop season and the deck already groaned with the “white gold” of a bumper season in the waters off northern France.

At dawn on Nov. 13, Captain Thierry Lefrancois and his crew of four had joined a procession of boats heading offshore from Port-en-Bessin, a fishing village that was the site of a battle during the Allied landing in Normandy in World War Two.

After two and a half hours on turbulent waters, they arrived at the fishing grounds but had to wait until noon and the start of the scallop season at Bay of the Seine. Police helicopters hovered to make sure no nets were lowered ...

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85% Cut in Yellowtail Allocation to Scallopers Will Have Little Effect on Scallop Catch in 2018

SEAFOODNEWS.COM  by John Sackton  December 15, 2017

How is it that scallops catches will rise next year, while the scallop fleet takes an 85% reduction in yellowtail bycatch in Southern New England.

Actually these two things are not contradictory.  The scallop industry and the New England regional council have been working for years to reduce yellowtail bycatch in the scallop industry by modifying dredges, and by providing a large mesh escape nets above the dredge.  The council has also prohibited possession of yellowtail by Scallopers.

This year, yellowtail flounder in Southern New England was one of the worst performing stocks, with biomass ...

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VIDEO: Louisiana Shrimping Starts; Scallop Prices Crash; Cold Spring Slows Snow Crab Fishing

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DHL Now Shipping Live Crabs and Seafood from Northern Norway to South Korea and US Markets

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] May 25, 2017

DHL Global Forwarding will start shipping live crabs and seafood the Lakselv Airport Banak in North-Norway to markets in Asia and Northern America.  

The carrier will start dedicated weekly flights to ship fresh seafood to the DHL terminal in Oslo to South Korea and other destinations including Japan and the United States.

DHAL said all of the logistics are exactly timed, ensuring the shipments are delivered in perfect condition. Today’s first flight will be officially welcomed by the State Secretary Ronny Berg of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries...

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PODCAST: High Liner Buys Rubicon; Lobster Prices Strong Heading into Mother’s Day

In this week’s episode of the Seafood News Podcast show, Urner Barry and Seafoodnews.com Editor Michael Ramsingh talks about High Liner’s deal to buy all of the assets to major shrimp importer Rubicon Resources. Meanwhile, the lobster market is strong as the industry heads into the busy Mother’s Day weekend. Plus, Chris Oliver accepted the top position as the Assistant Administrator of National Marine Fisheries Service. Meanwhile, Atlantic scallop prices were in free fall the first week of May because of a surge in landings. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Surge in Atlantic Scallop Landings Sends Auction Prices and Wholesale Market into Tailspin

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - May 10, 2017

A surge in scallop landings in March has prices at auction falling faster and harder than expected. These factors have combined to drag down prices in the wholesale market in the first week of May.

In March, Atlantic scallop landings were reported at 3.75 million pounds. This is more than double the monthly figure from last March and is 51 percent higher from the five-year monthly average for the fishery. 

Higher landings have caused prices at auction to fall faster and more sharply than usual...

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PODCAST: Seafood Podcast Featuring Latest Shrimp Imports and FDA Refusal Figures 

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Atlantic Scallop Prices Continue to Crash in May with Landings Up 23% from Last Year

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by Michael Ramsingh - May 26, 2017

Wholesale scallop prices are still crashing in May as new season production continues to flood the market.

About two weeks ago we reported a $1.50 per pound drop in 10-20 IQF scallop price in just the first week of May.

At the time, prices at auction were falling hard and fast because of an unusual spike in landings from March. The wholesale market reacted with similar sharp declines...

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VIDEO: Atlantic Scallop Prices in a Tailspin

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VIDEO: High Liner Buys Rubicon; Scallop Market in a Tailspin; Lobster Prices Up Ahead of Mother’s Day

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