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Bornstein Seafoods On Track to Buy Newport Waterfront Property

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Newport News-Times] by Gloria Tucker - January 9, 2017

NEWPORT, Ore. -- Sale of the city-owned, two-story seafood processing facility and wharf on the Bayfront to lessee Bornstein Seafoods moved closer to completion on Tuesday, Jan. 3.

The city council voted 6-0 to draft a purchase and sale agreement for the property at 813 Southwest Bay Boulevard. The $1,657,500 deal should be finalized at the city council's meeting on Jan. 17.

Council member David Allen abstained from voting. Allen abstained since he said he did not agree with selling the property following state statute procedures.

At a previous meeting, he said while he is in favor of selling the property to a specific company because the property has been leased for more than 10 years and the leasees have invested more than $1 million in the property, he wants to change the municipal code first. ...


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