Mon. Oct 22 2018

ANALYSIS: Stone Crab Season Opens With Initial Low Landings  

LISTEN: Future Leaders and SeaShare Project; 3rd Right Whale Death; StarKist Pleads Guilty

Sea of Okhotsk Pollock Catch Will be More Than 1 million Tons with Improved Fall Fishing  

NFI’s Seafood, See Jobs Campaign Returns to Minnesota to Highlight Importance of Trade

Like Other Sectors, UK Seafood Industry Faces Waves of Uncertainty Over Brexit

White Shrimp Prices Drop in Guangxi, Where Farmers Hope for Better Winter Market  

Alaska Ferry Acidity Tests Show Water is More Corrosive in Fall/Winter Summary Monday, October 22

Fri. Oct 19 2018

StarKist Gets $100 Million Fine in Guilty Plea on Tuna Price Fixing; More Payments to Vendors Likely

Preliminary Sablefish TACs Don’t Necessarily Mean High Quotas for 2019

VIDEO: Trawler Damaged; Global Whitefish Supply Declines; Seafood, See Jobs Campaign and More  

Urner Barry’s Seafood Import Workshop Brings Together Industry Professionals and Government Reps

West Coast Pink Shrimp Fishery Improved This Year: Better Landings, Better Shrimp  

Norway: Skretting Factory in Averøy Now Producing Salmon Feed with Insect Meal  

Seafish Launching Young Seafood Leaders Network For U.K. Seafood Professionals

INSIGHT: Arrival of New Insect Feed Capacities May Give New Dynamic to Aqua Feed Sector

FFAW applauds National Report on Canadian Marine Reserves that Warns Against Arbitrary Timelines

Indonesia To Produce 400,000 tons of Pangasius This Year, Attracted by High Price  

EU, Republic of Korea Join Forces in Fight Against IUU Fishing

All About Healthy Foods Launches Plant-Based Seafood Alternative Summary Friday, October 19

Thu. Oct 18 2018

Jeff Bolton new CEO at Atlantic Capes as Danny Cohen Retires, Remains Chairman of the Board

Ak. Gov Candidate Mike Dunleavy Accused of Turning Back on Fishing Industry after Cancelling Debate

Norway and Russia Reduce 2019 Barents Sea Cod Quota to 725,000 tons, a 7% Decrease over 2018  

UK study says farmed shrimp is as safe as any food, but websites continue to push false information

FFAW Calls on DFO to Re-open Mackerel Fishery, Says Biomass Estimates of Low Abundance are Wrong

Norwegian Fishing Company and Software Group Create PC Game Based on Fishing the Barents Sea

Sea Grant Announces 2018 Aquaculture Research Awards  

Canada's SeaChoice Criticizes ASC Certified Salmon Farms for Often Being Below Stated Standards

NOAA announces three at-large appointments to Regional Fishery Management Councils Summary Thursday, October 18

Wed. Oct 17 2018

Alaska Board of Fish Rejects Pressure to Rule on Hatchery Issues at October Meeting   

California Spiny Lobster Fishery Closed in State Waters Around Anacapa Island Due to Domoic Acid  

Ugly Crab Campaign Aims to Expand Markets for Old Shell Crab  

AquaBounty gets CA$2 Million Construction Loan From PEI to Build 250 Ton Salmon Production Facility

NOAA Confirms 3rd North Atlantic Right Whale Mortality of 2018

New Nielsen Study Shows Sustainability is an Opportunity for Growth

America Buys More Pangasius and China Exerts Less Influence on the Global Market  

Sen Elizabeth Warren Again Reiterates her Support for Carlos’ Permits Remaining in New Bedford

China Likely to See More Pangasius Price Increases Due to Exchange Rates, Farm Prices  

Captain D’s Opens 29th Location in Mississippi Summary Wednesday, October 17

Tue. Oct 16 2018

Groundfish Forum: Global Whitefish Supply Continues to Decline for 2019  

Alaska Board of Fish To Hear Prince Willian Sound Hatchery Issues Today

With Sufficient Supply, King Crab Becomes More Common and Popular in China  

Ecuador Small Pelagics Fishery Accepted by IFFO RS into Fishery Improvement Program

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Urner Barry’s Seafood Import Workshop, Taking Place This Thursday

Russia to Start Export Fish Sales Through Auctions in Coming Months Summary Tuesday, October 16

Biomar Opens New Shrimp Research Unit in Ecuador  

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Captain D’s Opening First Location in Wisconsin

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Amanda Buckle - January 10, 2018

Captain D’s is bringing their fast-casual seafood chain to Wisconsin. V&J Holding Cos. Inc., a multi-brand franchise company, is opening two Captain D’s locations in Milwaukee this year, with plans to eventually open a third restaurant in the city.

“It is very important to V&J Holding president Valerie Daniels-Carter to do this in Milwaukee,” James Bradley, VP of development for V&J Holding, told Biz times. “This particular location makes an ...

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