Wed. Nov 21 2018

Shrimp Prices Approaching Their Lowest Level in Three Years; But Don't Forget Market is Cyclical  

Trident’s Protein Noodles Top Winner at Alaska Seafood Contest  

SeafoodNews Closed For Thanksgiving Thursday and Friday

Preferred Freezer Services Opens New Facility in Kearny, New Jersey

Kuril Islands Resolution with Japan Could Mean Huge Losses for Russian Seafood Industry  

Tue. Nov 20 2018

Alaska Salmon Updates for This Year and Next  

ANALYSIS: West Coast Halibut Roundup  

ASMI Names Jeremy Woodrow Interim Director as it Prepares for New Exec Director Search

ANALYSIS: Crab Meat Imports from Indonesia Down YTD  

VIDEO: Alaska Coast Guard Helicopter Medevacs Commercial Fisherman

NaturalShrimp CEO Previews Plans for Future  

NOAA Establishes New Voluntary Right Whale Speed Restriction Zone South of Nantucket

The Kampachi Company Receives Funding for Sustainable Offshore Production of King Kampachi Summary Tuesday, November 20

Chinese Seafood Processors, Managers Encourage Sustainable Development  

Mon. Nov 19 2018

Ongoing China-U.S. Trade War Likely to Bring Changes to Global Seafood Industry  

For First Time Ever, ASMFC Shuts Maine Shrimp Fishery for 3 Years Citing Warm Water  

California Spiny Lobster Closure Lifted in State Waters Around Anacapa Island  

Cooke Aquaculture Closer to Entering Shrimp Farming with Honduras Deal for Seajoy  

Evolution of Sustainable Shopping: Companies Have to Get More Aggressive

LISTEN: Haddock Analysis; Clearwater’s Patent; Long John Silver’s New COO and More  

Russian Fishery Appoints Soren Dalsager Chief Commercial Officer

Chinese Company Joyvio Buys Chilean Salmon Producer Australis for $880 Million  

Change in Vietnam’s Health Certificates Backing up Containers in Ports, Especially Tuna

Whole Foods Lists Seaweed as One of the Top Food Trends for 2019

Over 1 Million Pounds of Seafood Delivered by SeaShare This Year Summary Monday, November 19

Fri. Nov 16 2018

Can Fishermen be Compensated for Climate Change? PCFFA Sues Oil Companies to Find Out   

ANALYSIS: Supply Issues for Haddock out of Russia, Norway, Iceland  

NOAA: Alaska pollock spawning earlier due to climate change

VIDEO: Lobster Patent; Plant Based Food Certification; Battered Plastic and More

Russian Taxes of 4.8 percent Proposed Across the Board for the Domestic Seafood Industry  

Feds Approve Plan for Oregon Officials to Kill Sea Lions at Willamette Falls  

More Alaska Nets, Fishing Gear Go To Recyclers

Young’s Seafood Appoints Roger Sudlow as New Business Manager Summary Friday, November 16

Thu. Nov 15 2018

F/V America’s Finest Wins Jones Act Exemption in Senate Coast Guard Bill

Seafood Industry Applauds Coast Guard Bill that Ends Much Uncertainty for Fishing Vessels

Symphony of Seafood Debuts 10 New Products Summary Thursday, November 15

New Zealand’s Sanford Limited Releases Full Year Results for FY18  

Nova Scotia Fishermen’s Organization Want Boat Harbour to Close on Schedule

Blain Shortreed Named New COO at Long John Silver’s

Thai Union Launches Fish Oil Refinery in Germany to Produce Tuna Oil

GAA Debuting Documentary Short Film About Indonesian Shrimp Farming  

Coast Guard Rescue 4 Fishermen Off Maine Coast

Wed. Nov 14 2018

Clearwater Receives Patent for Vision System for Grading Lobsters That Are Molting Summary Wednesday, November 14

#FutureFishAndChips Campaign Raises Awareness About Plastic in Oceans with Crazy Stunt

Applebee's Launches Catering; Offers More Shrimp Options With Bigger, Bolder Grill Combo Menu  

Captain D’s Brings Back Family Meal, Launches $3.49 Snacks  

Marine Harvest Builds New Processing Plant in Shanghai, its 6th in Asia  

Bay Area Consumers Have Dungeness for Thanksgiving; Rest of West Coast Seasons Likely Delayed  

Scotland May Be Left in the Cold on Brexit, As No Clear Fisheries Guarantee Emerges

Texas Shrimp Producer NaturalShrimp Conducting Final Tests in Enclosed Salt Water Systems  

There is Now a Plant-Based Food Certification for Seafood Alternatives

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Trawl Industry on West Coast Brings Rockfish to Market while Avoiding Salmon Bycatch

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Susan Chambers - February 8, 2018

Two pilot programs in the West Coast groundfish industry have proven effective at harvesting valuable rockfish while avoiding bycatch of salmon species.

The annual catch limits (ACLs) for several rockfish species increase in 2017 as new stock assessments showed they were rebuilt -- and in some cases had not been overfished at all. Regardless, the increase in harvestable rockfish in 2017 and subsequent years could have gone largely untouched without the industry pulling together to ...

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