Wed. Jan 23 2019

Shut Down Woes:  Already Soft Crabmeat Market Hit Hard as Mid-Atlantic Demand Dries Up  

Halibut Commission to Address a Request for Minimum Area Allocation Next Week

Oceana’s Anchovy Lawsuit Backfires, as Judge Asks NMFS to Update Science in Ruling Likely to Increas

Mazzetta May Appeal Shrimp Duty Calculation to Supreme Court on Behalf of Vietnam Supplers  

Iceland Seafood International Appoints Bjarni Armannsson CEO as Helgi Eriksson Steps Down

Russia May Consider Change in This Year's Crab Quota Auctions to 20% Instead of 50% Summary Wednesday, January 23

Tue. Jan 22 2019

Quinault Pride Seafood Buys Ownership Stake in Pacific Harvest

GSMC Panel Sheds Light On the Seafood Consumer

Federal Fisheries Expert Rachel Baker Named as Deputy Commissioner ADF&G

BAP Program Finishes 2018 With 2,287 Certified Facilities Worldwide

Grants for Safety Training and Research (After 9 Year Delay)

Horace Dawson of Red Lobster Joins GSA’s Board of Directors

Chile's Agrosuper Now Second Largest Salmon Farmer after AquaChile Acquisition Completed Summary Tuesday, January 22

Mon. Jan 21 2019

California, Oregon Choose Different Dates to Open Remaining Coastline to Crabbing  

Roughly One-Third of Russia’s Fish Harvest Continues to be Lost or Destroyed  

Basa Industry Prospers in Vietnam; China's Industry Also Blooms  

Smaller Winter Crab Fisheries Give Economic Boost to Coastal Communities  

Unexpected Squid War Breaks out in Chile

Herring Season in San Francisco Bay Canceled as Market Dries Up Summary Monday, January 21

Fri. Jan 18 2019

Americans Will Pay More for Alaska Seafood, Say it Supports US Jobs  

Austral Fisheries and BCG Digital Ventures Launch New Tracking Platform  

Safe Quality Seafood Associates Launches SIMP Training Course

Angry Crab Shack Celebrates Fifth Anniversary, Plans Expansion

Delta Pride Catfish Appoints New Sales Department Product Integrity Manager Summary Friday, January 18

Thu. Jan 17 2019

East Coast Seafood Consolidation of Groton Facility Comes from Years of Planning, Company Says  

Kodiak Tanners Open After 24 Hour Weather Delay  

Despite Predictions, Russian Fisherman Do Not Expect Pollock Decline Over Next 5 Years Summary Thursday, January 17

Champion Petfoods, Featuring Wild-Caught, Sustainable Fish, Coming to Petco Stores  

Online Grocery Company GrubMarket Acquires Chasin Foods as Part of West Coast Expansion

San Diego Hotel Launches Sea-to-Dining Experience Focusing on Local Seafood Trend

Charoen Pokphand to Double Number of Fishmeal Plants Meeting IFFO Responsible Sourcing Standard

Wed. Jan 16 2019

Government Shutdown Costing Fishing Industry Millions; Some Damage is Irreversible Summary Wednesday, January 16

$9 shore price in southwestern Nova Scotia creates lobster season ‘bottleneck’

Fisheries Council of Canada Launches Future Leaders Program in Cooperation with NFI

Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods, Monterey Bay Aquarium Announce Sri Lankan Blue Swimming Crab Rating  

New York Files Suit over fluke allocations highlighting issue of fish moving due to cimate change  

Bumble Bee Foods, FCF Fishery Co. and Ocean Outcomes Launch FIPs in Key Albacore Fisheries  

Canada Food Inspection Agency Launches New Food Safety Regulations

Film Chronicles Changes in Indonesia’s Fish Management, Highlights ‘One-by-one’ Tuna Fishery  

Coast Guard Formalizes Investigation into F/V Mary B II Capsizing  

Hawaii Seafood Exporter Signs Agreement With TNC to Help Save Snapper, Grouper Fishery  

Ocean Beauty’s Echo Falls Brand Launches 3 New Smoked Salmon Products  

Data on Alaska Fish Catches, Prices, Processor Sales by AK Region  

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Baader Brings New Generation of Filleting Machines to Newfoundland, Icewater to Invest $3 million

SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton  February 13, 2018

CBC photoBaader recently demonstrated its new generation of whitefish heading, filleting and skinning machines at the Marine Institute in St. John’s.

The Baader 582 combined with the Baader 59 shallow skinning machine is designed to maximize the high value products from cod, especially the loin.

The machine uses a new cutting technique without scraper knives so the entire fillet is handled more gently than on older machines, and the membrane over the loin is intact; while the black belly lining is fully removed.

"The major difference in this equipment is the quality you get out of it," said Baader CEO Dennis Schreiber.

"More usable product, higher yield in the box … higher quality, lower downturn, and a simple-to-operate machine."

The St. Johns meeting was to show the equipment to other Canadian processors who are considering the implications of a revived cod fishery.

Alberto Wareham, CEO of Icewater Seafoods, says that he has been testing the machine in his plant since its introduction in 2015...

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