Thu. Feb 21 2019

Lund’s Fisheries Hires Seafood Veterans for Sales, Customer Service  

Thai Union to Buy Remaining 49% Stake in TMAC Shrimp Feed JV with Mitsubishi  

Wed. Feb 20 2019

Trident Has Proposed Settlement with EPA on Refrigeration Leaks, Pledges $23 Million Upgrade

EU Competition Police Raid 3 Norwegian Salmon Companies with Offices in Scotland and Netherlands    

Alaska Fishing Updates for February  

Proposal to Prioritize Personal Use Over Commercial Salmon Fishing in Cook Inlet Goes Before AK Boar

Study: Ocean Acidification Harms Atlantic Cod  

European Commission Approves Acquisition of Three Greek Aquaculture Companies by Amerra and Mubadala  

Birdlife International Joins NGO Chorus of Criticism of MSC

LoveTheWild CEO Jacqueline Claudia Named to Seafood Nutrition Partnership’s Board of Directors Summary Wednesday, February 20

Tue. Feb 19 2019

Alaska Delegation Leads Bipartisan Support for Young Fishermen's Development Act in New Congress

Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Products Raises $90 Million for New Shrimp Plant  

New Lobbying Push for American Aquaculture Act Launched by Seafood and Environmental Coalition

Smoked Alaska Seafoods Recalls Product Due to Possible Botulism Risk

Thai Union, WWF-UK Recognized at 2019 Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards

Sea Watch Celebrating National Clam Chowder Day by Providing Thousands of Bowls to Shelters  

Nueva Pescanova Group Launches Fish Solutions Website to Support Foodservice Professionals

Phillips Foods Launches 3 New Value-Added Options  

U.S. Coast Guard Partners with Canada’s DFO on Fisheries Enforcement Operations in South Pacific

San Diego Restaurant Lionfish Recognized as 2019 James Beard Foundation Smart Catch Leader Summary Tuesday, February 19

Mon. Feb 18 2019

Sysco Adds Portico Classic Wild Alaska Pollock Bites to Cutting Edge Solutions Platform  

Coast Guard, Good Samaritan Rescue 5 Crew Members After Cod Boat Sinks Off Dutch Harbor

Clearwater Requests Advanced MSC Audit of Lobster Fishery, Audit to Review Lobster Pot Conviction  

Russia Plans Accelerated Research Activities and Construction in Domestic Industry  

Grocery, Beverage Sales Increase 1.9 Percent Over November-December Holiday Season Summary Friday, February 18

Fri. Feb 15 2019

Bumble Bee Foods Settles Price-Fixing Lawsuit with Sysco  

Southern Oregon Crab Under Evisceration Order Again  

Spending Bill Ensures Better Catch Accounting for Gulf Anglers

Chile Looks to Salmon Stability for a Profitable Business Model, Expects Moderate Growth for Years  

Mowi Aqua Feed Plant in Scotland Expected to Start Production in Q2  

Sustainability Rating Drops for Clearwater's Offshore Lobster Fishery Summary Friday, February 15

Thu. Feb 14 2019 Summary Thursday, February 14 partners with New York’s Fulton Fish Market

Happy Valentine’s Day! Name a Salmon After Your Ex Before It’s Fed to a Bear

Tanner Crab Fishing Opens in Southeast Alaska

Hendrix Genetic, Nutreco Partner to Offer Sustainable Shrimp Solutions in Ecuador  

Thai Union, WWF Release First Sourcing Transparency: Wild Caught Fish and Shellfish Report

SeaWeb’s Seafood Summit, Now Owned by Diversified, Will be Held in Thailand This Year

India Shrimp Rejections for Antibiotics Spike in January 2019  

Bruce Gabrys, Alaskan Fisherman, Financial Planner and Resource Advisor (1955-2019)

Salmon Price Drop May be Aggravated by Late Start of Lent this Year  

Maryland Crab Industry Nervous About H-2B Visa Situation, Can’t Take Another Year With No Staffing  

King Crab and Lobster Again Shine for Chinese New Year, 'The Most Important Dinner in China'  

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West Coast Waters Returning to Normal; Some Fisheries Remain Disrupted

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Seafood News] by Susan Chambers - March 12, 2018

Ocean conditions off most of the U.S. West Coast are returning roughly to average, after an extreme marine heat wave from about 2014 to 2016 disrupted the California Current Ecosystem and shifted many species beyond their traditional range, according to a new report from NOAA Fisheries' two marine laboratories on the West Coast. Some warm waters remain off the Pacific Northwest, however.

The Southwest Fisheries Science Center and Northwest Fisheries Science Center presented their annual "California Current Ecosystem Status Report" to the Pacific Fishery Management Council at ...

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