Fri. Dec 7 2018

INTERVIEW: Bright Future Ahead for Ecuador's Shrimp Feed Sector  

DFO Responds to Criticisms of its Snow Crab Approach: Says Paper Needed to Have a Discussion  

Nielsen Says Health Message in Seafood Resonates During Holidays and Beyond

NOAA Report Says North Atlantic Right Whale Entanglements Lower, But Problems Still Remain

VIDEO: China Trade War; Chris Maze Joins Pescanova; Canadian Food Price Report; 2019-20 Scallop Plan

Climate Change Will Clobber Alaska; Climate Policy Pulled by New Governor

Animals Burned in California Camp Fire Being Treated with Tilapia Skin  

Indian Shrimp Exporter Nekkanti Clarifies Decision to Pull Back IPO Offering

Canadian Government Investing in 8 New Search and Rescue Lifeboats for Coast Guard Summary Friday, December 7

Thu. Dec 6 2018

Glacier Fish Founder Erik Breivik Dies in Seattle

NE Council Finalizes 2019-20 Scallop Plan, Landings Will be 60 Million lbs or Higher  

Thai Union Opens 'Lobster Lab', New Restaurant Concept Inside Alibaba's Shanghai Hema Store [PHOTOS]

Final Numbers for China Fisheries Show: Traffic up 13%, Exhibit Space up 22% as China Market Grows

Funding Okayed for Redfish Fishery Development off West Coast of Newfoundland

Bristol Bay Fish Expo Planning Underway in Naknek

Icewater Receives Atlantic Fisheries Fund Loan for World Class Ice and Cold Chain Upgrades Summary Thursday, December 6

Wed. Dec 5 2018

Canadian Government Launches $40 Million Seafood Marketing Effort

ANALYSIS: Will Retail Features Keep Increasing Heading into the Holiday Season?  

Chris Maze Appointed CEO of Pescanova USA, Returns to Roots with Spanish Companies

New Bedford Wails as Council Votes 12-4 on Least Restrictive Surf Clam Habitat Motion  

Use of Autofeeders is Dramatically Increasing Shrimp Growth, say Researchers  

Hy-Vee Partners with Seafood Suppliers To Address IUU Fishing  

BioMar Increasing Capacity At Ecuador Shrimp Feed Factory  

Alaska Fishing Updates for December 2018  

As Expected, NE Council Votes for Whiting to Remain an Open Access Fishery for License Holders

Open Blue Launches Social Media Campaign to Raise Money for SeaShare in December

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance Launches National Youth Council

Cermaq Reports That Young Salmon Benefit from Exercise Summary Wednesday, December 5

Tue. Dec 4 2018

Royal Greenland / Quin-Sea buys Woodman's Newfoundland Crab Plant to Enter Live Lobster Business  

North Pacific Council to Reveal Catch Allocations This Week; Pollock to Increase, Cod is Uncertain  

Chris Maze Steps Down as CEO of East Coast Seafoods, Replaced by Brad Hudson

Commercial Dungeness Crab Season to Open in Sonoma County; Northern Area Remains Delayed  

Omega Protein’s Menhaden Fishery Passes MSC Assessment; Public Comment Period Initiated

Canadian Food Price Report Predicts Seafood Prices to Potentially Fall in 2019

Stavis Seafoods Hires New VP of Operations and Director of Quality

NOAA Announces Another Buyout for Southeast Alaska Purse Seiners to Remove an Additional 36 Licenses  

Avanti Feeds Suffers Reverses Due to Low Shrimp Prices, 20% Drop in Output  

Robots, Engineered Bacteria, Portable PSP Test Kit Win OTIS Contest

SeaPak Pushing New On-The-Go Shrimp Cocktail During Busy Holiday Season  

Russia Plans New 'Arctic Cluster' to Support Fisheries in Arkhangelsk Region, Barents Sea

Captain D’s Opens 16th Texas Location with Several Other Locations in Development Summary Tuesday, December 4

Mon. Dec 3 2018

Blue Harvest in Talks to Purchase Jimmy Odlin’s Five Vessel Atlantic Trawler Fleet

NFI Hails Temporary Suspension of 25% China Tariff Threat, Says Pause in Trade Hostilities Will Help

California Dungeness Crab Season Opener Good for Holiday Sales Summary Monday, December 3, 2018

LISTEN: Center for Bio Diversity Sues Trump Admin, New AquaBounty CEO and More  

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April 2018 Lobster Imports Lowest Monthly Total In 5 Years

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] with data from Jim Kenny - June 7, 2018

April 2018 imports were released on Wednesday and the numbers show a 19.5% decrease in total volume of lobster products imported into the U.S. for the month. That’s the lowest total volume in five years.

Urner Barry market reporter Jim Kenny reports that “April imports of all lobster products totaled 5.4 million pounds; the lowest level since 5.1 million pounds was imported in April 2013.”

Imports of lobster products from Canada declined ...


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