Mon. Aug 20 2018

NOAA Trawl Survey Finds No Cold Water In Bering Sea; Conducts Emergency Survey in North    

US Trade Rep Doubles Length of Tariff Hearing on China, Seafood Industry to get 14 minutes to Speak

This Week On the Seafood News Podcast: Arctic Surf Clam Quota, Illegally Treated Fish and More  

Urner Barry's Seafood Import Workshop is Heading to Boston This October Summary Monday, August 20

Fri. Aug 17 2018

Bonamar Buys IMS; Morty and Marc Nussbaum to Continue Operations

Fraser Sockeye Season Gearing Up; Landings of 1.3 Million Salmon So Far

VIDEO: Surf Clam Award; Red Tide Emergency; Pacific Seafood Reopens Plant; Seafood Import Workshop

NL First Nation Says it Will Retry for Surf Clam License; Calls for Adjacency Principle

Mining Operations Threaten Fishing Operations at Russian West Kamchatka Region  

BAP Certifies 38 New Facilities, Recertifies 157 in July

NOAA Fisheries Call on Tribes to Apply for Species Recovery Grants

Mead Treadwell Talks Fish in Race for Alaska Governor Summary Friday, August 17

Thu. Aug 16 2018

NFI Posts 3 New Videos That Illustrate Impact of Tariffs on Seafood Community

Global Salmon Initiative Celebrates Five Years of Collaboration and Transparency

Zhangzidao Avoids Hot Weather Sea Cucumber Disaster That Affects Cucumber Pond Farms  

Ocean Acidity Impairs Sense of Smell in Fish

BioMar Gets Final Approval to Start Construction on Fish Feed Facility in Tasmania Summary Thursday, August 16

Wed. Aug 15 2018

Pacific Seafood Opens New, State-of-the-Art Plant in Warrenton, Oregon  

Restaurants' Gain from Lower Prices Due to Trump Tariffs May be Wiped Out by Seafood Price Increases

NOAA to Fully Fund At-Sea Monitoring Program in New England for 2018, Reimburse More Costs for 2017

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Declares State of Emergency Over Red Tide; Seafood Sales Drop

Russia Company Plans Increase in Deep Water Crab Harvests  

Whole Foods, HyVee, Aldi and Target Top Greenpeace’s 2018 Supermarket Sustainable Seafood Scorecard

High Liner’s New CEO Rod Hepponstall Announces Organizational Realignment With 2nd Quarter Results

Report: Untreated Grey Water Dumped in Canadian Arctic Waters to Double by 2035

Eating Farmed Salmon Just As Good As Going Vegan When it Comes to Reducing Impact on Earth  

Bering Sea Region Returns Most Fish Bucks to Alaska Summary Wednesday, August 15

Thai Union Remains on FTSE4Good Index, Receives Multiple Sustainability Awards

Tue. Aug 14 2018

45 Tons Of “Illegally Treated” Tuna Seized in Spain Summary Tuesday, August 14

Another Record Breaks in Bristol Bay; Statewide Pink Salmon Below 2 Yrs Ago

Atlantic Canada Fish Farmers Association Receives $460,000 in Funding  

Increase in Tilapia Imports Prior to Tariffs: Seasonality or Securing Volume?  

Retail Sales Forecast Increased By NRF, But Tariff Uncertainty Still An Issue

Net Hack Challenge Aims for New Revenue Stream for Alaska

Efforts to Save a Starving Young Orca Show Dire Situation for the Southern Resident Killer Whales

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News Summary June 8, 2018 

Today’s Main Story: ANALYSIS: Farmed Salmon Going Through Dramatic Market Correction After Mother’s Day

Today's lead item reports that after a 9-week rally through Mother’s Day, the farmed salmon complex is seeing a somewhat dramatic market correction. The market has been weakening across the farmed salmon complex; all origins have been adjusting lower, some significantly ...

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