Tue. Sep 18 2018

10% Tariffs on $200 Billion Chinese Exports Take Effect; Some Pollock and Cod Products May be Exempt  

Mon. Sep 17 2018

USDA Approves Vietnam, China, Thailand Catfish Exports, Says They Meet Equivalent US Standards  

ASC Salmon Standard Recognized by GSSI  

Impacts of the Blob: West Coast Fishermen Now Live with Heightened Uncertainty

Growth of Ecuador White Shrimp, Tilapia Export Problems, Bank Pressure in Dalian Mark 2018 in China  

Chinese Demand for Russian King Crab Reshaping Crab Market  

Vietnam Shrimp Review Released in Federal Register  

SeafoodNews Podcast: J50; Lobster Prices; Chinese Red Swimming Crab Meat Market Update and More  

Chinese Importers Bank on Upcoming Festivals to Boost Lobster Prices  

Oregon Congressman DeFazio Announces Funding for Port Maintenance and Improvement Projects

MLMC Brings New Shell Lobster to Chicago  

Southeast Alaska Fishermen Win Bycatch Reduction Grant to Avoid Sperm Whales

Pollock Market on the Rise Again as Demand Exceeds Supply

American Shrimp Processors Association Supports Bill to Address IUU Fishing

Nordic Aquafarms Announces New Hires at Denmark and Belfast Facility

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, September 17

Fri. Sep 14 2018

CAP Report: Vulnerable Lobster and Oyster in New England, More ‘Funny Fish’ in Mid-Atlantic

Nordic Aquafarms Gives Update on Maine Land-Based Salmon Site  

VIDEO: Red Swimming Crabs; Atlantic Sapphire Update; Processed Pollock Exports and More

Tassal Group Investing $24 Million in Prawn Aquaculture  

Thai Union, CPF Recognized in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices Emerging Markets

Non-Profit Gets Award to Investigate a Commercial Green Crab industry in New England  

Cooke Aquaculture Hires Claire Ryan as Director of Public Relations

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, September 14

Thu. Sep 13 2018

Massive Canadian Buying of Lobster Keeping Prices Steady in Maine, Despite Loss of China Market  

Hurricane Florence Closes Ports, Could Impact Seafood Prices

CAP Report: Fishermen Describe Impacts of Warming Oceans on Businesses and Communities

Alaska Fall Fisheries Gearing Up as Salmon Season Draws to a Close  

Australis Aquaculture Sells Land-Based Barramundi Aquaculture Business in Turner Falls  

Peru Starts White Shrimp Exports to China  

Andrew Mallison Officially Joins GAA at their New Hampshire Headquarters

Warming Waters May Threaten Aquaculture Productivity, Especially in Asia

Economic and Social Assessment of Tasmanian Fisheries Released  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, September 13

Wed. Sep 12 2018

Georgia Shrimper Gets Six Years in Prison For Fraudulent Claims of Import Injury  

Prosecutors Delay Tuna Price Fixing Case to Pursue Criminal Charge Against Chris Lischewski  

Minister of Fisheries Releases Remaining Arctic Surf Clam Quota to Clearwater Thru 2019

Atlantic Sapphire Says Miami Land-Raised Salmon Farm ‘On Track,’ Denmark Expansion Near Completion  

Bangladesh Takes First Steps to Cultivate Vannamei along with Black Tiger Shrimp  

ANALYSIS: Chinese Red Swimming Crab Meat Imports Rise; 74 Percent Higher than Year Ago  

NFI’s Latest “Seafood, See Jobs” Campaign Videos Highlight More Seafood Jobs in Minnesota

Letters: Chignik Fishermen Says NO 'Silver Lining' This Year; Story was Misleading

Early Bird Pricing for Urner Barry’s Seafood Import Workshop in Boston Ends Friday

Thai Union and Mars Petcare Partner on Digital Traceability Scheme Against IUU Fishing

ANALYSIS: Chinese Red Swimming Crab Meat Imports Rise; 74 Percent Higher than Year Ago

Earth Friendly Fishing Certifications Ranked as Important by Seafood Consumers   

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, September 12

Fraser Sockeye Season Steady With About 70 Percent Landed So Far; Alaska Catch Now Over 110 Million

Tue. Sep 11 2018

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, September 11, 2018

ASMFC Tables Menhaden Issue; Giving Virginia a Year to Come into Compliance

India’s Boosters Say they will Overtake China in Shrimp Production This Year; Others Skeptical  

White Shrimp Price Continue to Rise in China Thanks to Enthusiastic Traders  

AFDF Calls for Seafood Products for the 26th Alaska Symphony of Seafood

Second Smoking Facility Increases DuckTrap’s Production by 75 Percent

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Chignik Latest Salmon Failure, Alaska Statewide Picture Looks Terrible

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] by Jim Paulin and John Sackton – June 27, 2018

A fishery disaster may be shaping up in the Gulf of Alaska salmon district of Chignik.

“I haven't put my net in the water once,” said purse seiner Roger Rowland Tuesday. “It's literally the worst run ever.”

Rowland commented from the fishing district on his cellphone, while participating via teleconference in an Unalaska City Council meeting, about 300 miles to the southwest where he lives. During a break between votes, Mayor Frank Kelty asked him ...

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