Wed. Oct 23 2019

Letter to the Editor: 300-400% Higher Cost is the Problem with Alaska Observer Program   

Trade War Taking a Toll on Seafood Industries in Both the U.S. and China  

NOAA Awards $2.3 Million for Bycatch Reduction Research

Board of Fisheries Begins Annual Meeting Cycle

Humpback Whale Population Rising After Flirting with Extinction, Study Says

NaturalShrimp, Inc., Performs Final Testing of Next Generation Electrocoagulation Units  

Vistgate Acquires Majority Interest in W Stevenson and Sons Summary Wednesday, October 23

Tue. Oct 22 2019

Protests in Chile Slowing Salmon Shipments  

Land-based Salmon Farms Set to be a Game Changer in Alaska  

Offshore Wind Developer Hires Fisheries Liaison

Japanese Delegation Markets Buri Yellowtail, Scallops in France  

Opinion: Oceana Twists the Facts on Observer Program

Thai Union Group Invests in Alternative Protein Startup, Flying Spark

SalMar Names New CEO, Ervik Shifting Focus to Ocean-Based Fish Farming Subsidiary

Fisheries Board to Get Update on Impacts of Climate Change

New Hope Liuhe Opens Aqua Feed Plant in Egypt- Xinhua

Foodservice Roundup: Pokeworks Releases New Bowl, Sushi Sake Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Summary Tuesday, October 22

Mon. Oct 21 2019

ANALYSIS: Seafood Items Swimming Upstream in October  

LISTEN: NOAA's Report on Recovering Endangered Species; Seafood Makes You Smarter and More

Large Players Purchase Majority of Quota During Russian Crab Auctions  

Though Profits Look Grim on Paper, Guolian has Rosy Prospects

Coast Guard Medevacs Man from Alaska Ocean Vessel 15 miles West of Coos Bay  

Maine Announces Opening of Scallop License Lottery  

Canadian Seafood Company, Owner Pleads Guilty to Illegal Importing Fish into U.S. Summary Monday, October 21

Fri. Oct 18 2019

NOAA Fisheries Releases Report to Congress on Recovering Threatened and Endangered Species 2017-2018

Rioting in Ecuador Hinders Shrimp Exports, Affecting Chinese Markets  

VIDEO: Seafood Makes You Smart; Climate-Ready Fisheries Act; Aquaculture Management; Anchovies  

CA Congressman Huffman Introduces The Salmon FISH Act  

Recaps of AK Salmon Fishery by Region  

New Seasoned Shrimp Line Launched by Pacific Seafood  

Cod or Haddock? UMass Amherst Taste Test Looks at ‘Name Bias’ and Fisheries Sustainability  

Research off New England Finds Promising Habitat for Blue Mussel Farms

Mical Seafood Expands Tuna Recall Due to Possible Scombroid Poisoning  

Thai Union Creates Venture Fund for Innovation in Food Technology

Melting Permafrost Shown to Release Mercury in Arctic Areas

Gulf Menhaden Fishery Achieves MSC Certification  

New Aqua Feed Ingredient Verified For Sale In Europe

Interactive Tool Looks at Environmental and Social Performance of Global Seafood Production Summary Friday, October 18

Thu. Oct 17 2019

Seafood Does Make You Smart: New Study Links Consumption to Higher IQ in Children

Sen. Cantwell Urges NOAA to Better Manage Fish Farming, Citing 2017 Salmon Spill in Puget Sound

Genetic Evidence Points to Large-scale PCod Migration North in Bering Sea

Scientists: Hawai'i Swordfish Fishery Has No Discernable Impact on Sea Turtle Populations  

Fishermen Use Electronic Reporting in Real Time to Help Understand Ocean Ecosystem

Cooke Aquaculture to Pay $156k to Fund Maine Salmon Restoration Project Following Violations  

Science Means Lower Herring Harvests in the Gulf of Georgia  

Russian King Crab Seizes a Greater Market Share in China Summary Thursday, October 17

AquaMaof Reveals Land-Based R&D Facility for Shrimp Production  

Seafood Industry Responds to “Fishing for Catastrophe Report”

Government Urging Fishermen to Remove Gear from non-UK Waters with Brexit Looming

Wed. Oct 16 2019 Summary Wednesday, October 16

Inland Seafood Joins Distributor Group Sea Pact   

Invasive Fresh Water Plant Eradication Important to Protect Salmon Watersheds, ISER Study Says  

FSU Researchers Examine Trends in Global Aquaculture

New Data Makes Case for Anchovy Abundance as Oceana Lawsuit Continues  

Universities Leading Research to Develop Tools to Support East Coast Oyster Aquaculture  

Climate Change Impacts on Fisheries Gains Traction in U.S. House of Representatives

Fishing Update, October 2019

Coast Guard Rescues 2 After Boat Collision Northwest of Dry Tortugas

Russia May Propose Revision to Existing US-USSR Maritime Border Agreement  

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ANALYSIS: NZ Mussels - September Imports Fall 75%; Lowest Ever Recorded

SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] by Lorin Castiglione - November 8, 2018

Urner Barry quotations for Green Shell Mussels imported from New Zealand were recently pulled due to there not being sufficient inventory within the market to quote an accurate price for the commodity. Toxic algal blooms in New Zealand earlier this year caused the closure of most mussel farms and with the latest September import numbers recently published, we are seeing just how much of the production was affected.

Import volume for September recorded the lowest numbers ...

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