Fri. Aug 14 2020

ANALYSIS: Imported Scallops Seeing Competition from Domestic Supply  

Alaska Fishing Updates for August 2020  

Nielsen Report Reveals How COVID-19 is Changing How People Shop

CFAP Expansion Provides Relief Opportunity for Louisiana Crawfish Industry  

Mississippi Environmental Department Awarded $7.6 Million for Oyster Hatchery, Research Center  

Fishers from Taiwan Criticize Wind Turbine Project

COVID-19 Forces Technomic to Revise Foodservice Industry Forecasts

Vital Pet Life’s Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Now Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified

Thu. Aug 13 2020

Ecuador Signs Sanitary Protocol With China to Facilitate Export of Shrimp  

Seafood-related Cases of COVID-19 in Alaska Drops to 9.9% of Total 4,655 Cumulative Cases

USDA Opens Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) to 11 Farmed Seafood Products

Fifth Area 2A Halibut Opener Set for Next Week Off the West Coast  

Praise for Reduction in Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishing Capacity Reduction Buyback Loan

Plant-based Seafood Producers Gathered Foods Opens New Production Facility

Russian Fish Producers Hope for Further Diversification of Their Exports

Arizona Shrimp Farmer Royal Caridea Lands $2.2 Million Loan  

SCS Global Services Suspended from ASC Certifications in China for Six Months

PEI Lobster Roll Competition Hopes to Increase Lobster Sales Across Greater Toronto Area Summary Thursday, August 13

Wed. Aug 12 2020

Close Encounters Between Sea Turtles and Fishermen Last Week in Alaska and Wales

The Winding Glass: 35% of Restaurant Purchasing Evaporates in 2020; Where Does That Leave Us?  

USCG Rescues One from Canadian Vessel Off Cape Flattery, Wash; 2 Confirmed Dead  

Clearwater’s Q2 Financial Results Show Sales Dip Due to COVID-19

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Diversified Cancels Seafood Expo Asia 2 Years in a Row

Alaska Scientists Get a Different Look at Humpback Whales Without Tourists in the Area

Feds: NW Atlantic Leatherback Turtle Population Listing Change Not Warranted; Species Still at Risk

SCEMFIS Study Shows Importance of Summer Flounder Fishery to Mid-Atlantic Communities  

Seafood Show Tokyo's 22nd Edition Scheduled For September 30 to October 2

Japan’s Mackerel June Exports to China Increased 8 Times  

S2G Ventures to Invest in New Seafood Companies Through Oceans and Seafood Strategy

Groups File Petition for Additional Speed Limits Along Atlantic Coast to Protect Right Whales

ALASKA: Dr. Al Gross Runs for US Senate

Thai Union Boosts Investment in Russian Companies

Global Majors Accelerate Expansion in Russian Fish Processing Sector Summary Wednesday, August 12

Tue. Aug 11 2020

Alaska Salmon Harvests Lag Year-on-Year for All Species Except Pinks, Now 12% Higher than 2018  

Chinese Authorities Allegedly Find Traces of Coronavirus on More Imported Frozen Seafood

OPINION: Adak: This is How Alaska Fishing Communities Die    

REPORT: Red Lobster Hires Advisor After Facing Difficulties Related to COVID-19 Shutdowns

Alaskans Routinely Provide Elders and Those in Need with Seafood, but Sitka Sets a New Standard

Sysco Sees Sales Drop in Fourth Quarter, Fiscal Year 2020 as COVID-19 Pandemic Impacts Foodservice

Japan Fisheries Agency Increases Alaska Pollock TAC to 65,000 Tons  

USCG Air Lifts Pregnant Crewmember From Factory Trawler to Cold Bay for Flight to Anchorage

Alaska Fish Radio: Comments on Fish Issues Due This Week, Month Summary Tuesday, August 11

Mon. Aug 10 2020

China Lifts Suspension on One of Three Ecuadorian Shrimp Exporters  

Price of Coho Salmon Farmed in Miyagi Falls Below 500 yen/kg  

NMFS Looks to Revive Longline EFP to Target Swordfish on the West Coast  

“Opening the Floodgates at Fukushima”: Woods Hole Marine Chemist Warns of Risks

Alaska Wild Salmon Day – Salmon Talk  

Coast Guard Aircrew Medevacs 24-year-old from Fishing Vessel near Sitka, Alaska Summary Monday, August 10

Russian Government Not Ready to Initiate New Large-Scale Reform of Domestic Fish Sector This Year

Fri. Aug 7 2020 Summary Friday, August 7

NJ and MA Members of Congress Request More COVID-19 Relief Assistance For Nation’s Fishing Industry

Alaska Daily Case Count Drops, Seafood Related Cases Remain 10-11% of Total Statewide

Red Swimming Crab Meat, Tilapia Not on Tariff Exclusion List  

Sturgeon Aquafarms, Marky’s Begin Sales of Beluga Caviar After Recovering From 2018 Hurricane  

Cordova is First to Ask State and Commerce Dept. to Declare Twin Disasters: Fishery and Economic

Seafood Task Force Submits Recommendations to Help Level the Playing Field for U.S.

NOAA to Host Webinar on Observer Redeployment for Northeast Fishermen

AquaBounty Previews Exciting Advances In Second Quarter Financial Results  

All Hands Event Goes virtual, Asks Public for Ideas, Internet Reliability

25% Tariff Exclusions Extended for Certain Crab Meats, Alaskan Sole

NOAA Launches Right Whale Slow Zones Campaign

ANALYSIS: June Snow Crab Imports Significantly Higher Than Cyclical Behavior; Up 47% From June 2019  

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News Summary June 13, 2019

Today's Main Story: Salmon Harvests in PWS and Copper River Strong, Preseason Showing in Chignik Worrisome

Harvest and escapement statistics from the Copper River and Prince William Sound are above preseason forecasts, but Chignik’s early showing of salmon past the weir are significantly below forecasts. Meanwhile, the Port Moller Test Fishery, the best indication of what’s ahead for Bristol Bay, is just starting to gather numbers...

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