Thu. Jan 16 2020

How Seafood Fits Into The Phase One Trade Deal With China

CBP Formally Investigating Minh Phu For Anti-Dumping Duty Allegations  

ANALYSIS: Atlantic Salmon Retail Features Surge to Kick Off 2020  

Save Our Seas 2.0 Act Unanimously Passes Senate, Now On To the House

Plant-Based Seafood Brand Good Catch Gets Funding from General Mills and Greenleaf Foods

Alaska Fishing Updates for January 2020  

One Dead, Two Remain Missing Following Fishing Vessel Collision in Galveston, Texas

Clearwater, Quin-Sea Partner for Shrimp Processing Venture  

FDA Releases Graphic Novels to Encourage Families to Eat More Fish

Red Lobster, ezCater Bringing Seafood and Biscuits to Conference Rooms Across the U.S.

New Zealand Issues Warning for Fishermen Participating in Illegal Activity: "People Are Watching" Summary Thursday, January 16

Wed. Jan 15 2020

Gulf of Alaska Cod Likely to Lose 2020 MSC Certification Due to Ocean Warming

Wuhan Pneumonia Outbreak: Case Detected in Thailand, Human-to-Human Transmission Not Ruled Out

Fortune International Expands in Midwest with Acquisition of Seattle Fish's Kansas City Operations

MEL Japan Committed to Stand Firm As 2020 Olympics Approach

Russian Processors Moving More and More to Deliveries of Live Crab vs. Cooked Crab  

Alaska Residents in Need Received Over 830,000 Servings of Seafood in 2019 Thanks to SeaShare

Pink Salmon Payouts for 2016 Run Failure Back on Track  

F/V Pacific Miner Capsizes on Coos Bay Jetty; 3 Crew Rescued

Coast Guard Searching For 2 Fishermen Following Vessel Collision in Galveston, Texas

TGI Friday’s Launches Fridays Feats Featuring Seafood Options Summary Wednesday, January 15

Tue. Jan 14 2020

Winding Glass: Major New Hilborn Study Shows How Well Global Fisheries Management is Working

Norwegian Seafood Exports to China Grew 40% in 2019  

Witness List Announced for House Subcommittee Hearing on Sustainable Fishing

BioMar's Tasmania Aqua Feed Plant Expected to Open in April

U.S. Per Capita Availability of Seafood Ascends

Ecuador’s Fishing Sector Guilds Announce Commitment to Overcome EC-Issued Yellow Card

Economic Importance of Alaska's “Forest Fish” Revealed in First Study

Ready-to-Eat Seafood Manufacturer Agrees to Stop Production After Repeated Food Safety Violations

Taiwanese Crewman Saved by U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Off Guam

Reko Sushi and Bowls, Sweden’s First Fully Certified Sushi Chain Opens

Florida Man Sentenced to 60 Days in Prison After Illegally Catching and Selling Gulf Reef Fish

How NOAA is Celebrating Their 50th Anniversary Summary Tuesday, January 14

Mon. Jan 13 2020

LISTEN: National Fisheries Institute Celebrates 75th Anniversary; Find Out How It All Began!

Russia to Remain Major Supplier of Crab to Chinese Market Within Next Several Years  

Zhangzhidao Scrambles to Sell Cucumber Aquaculture Sites After Disastrous Year  

Sea Watch International Hires Dan Murphy as Chief Commercial Officer

NGO Warns NOAA That Their Own Harvest Plan Threatens Federally-Protected Chinook and Orcas

Sysco Board of Directors Elect Kevin Hourican to Replace Tom Bené as CEO Summary Monday, January 13

Fri. Jan 10 2020 Summary Friday, January 10

Ban on Food Products from Fukushima Lifted in the Philippines

Representatives Introduce Fishery Disaster Funding Bill; Legislation Complements Senate Proposal

SE Alaska Golden King Crab Fishery to Open in February with Reduced Catch Limit

2019: Another Superb Year Growing Bristol Bay Sockeye Sales at Retail

Clearwater Named One of Atlantic Canada's Top Employers for 2020

Pneumonia Cause in China Could Potentially Be New Type of Coronavirus

Scottish Salmon Company Gains GBP 100 Million Growth Package  

Petition Seeks California Endangered Species Protections for Leatherback Sea Turtles  

WDFW Announces Dungeness Crab Season Opening North of Klipsan Beach  

Capt. Neill’s Seafood, Owner Sentenced for Selling Falsely Labeled Crab Meat  

VIDEO: Pneumonia Outbreak; Pangasius Imports; Right Whale Calves; NFI 75th Anniversary

4th Right Whale Calf Spotted Off Georgia With Severe Injuries

Chinese Tilapia Farmers Feel Market Chill, Even as New Year Holiday Shopping Season Nears  

Kodiak Salmon Fisheries Could Take a Big Hit From BOF Proposals  

ANALYSIS: Canadian Snow Crab At All-Time High Moving into 2020  

ANALYSIS: November Frozen Mahi Imports Lowest Since 2005  

Unified Command Overseeing Lightering Operations on Vessel That Ran Aground Off North Carolina

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Chilean Salmon Making Its Way to the States as National Strikes Stall the Country

Tuesday marked the 26th day of demonstrations in Chile, led by a national strike that shut down the majority of the country.

According to Reuters, alongside strikes in major cities, truck drivers and other demonstrators barricaded two major highways. The highways connect the capital city of Santiago with other cities and ports, leading to huge backups throughout the country.

According to industry sources, logistics to get fish out of Chile remain a challenge. However, product is making its way to the U.S. market and is available...

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