Thu. Aug 6 2020

ANALYSIS: June Shrimp Imports Significantly Higher From Last Month, Slightly Below Last Year  

ANALYSIS: Whole Tilapia Gaining Traction in U.S.  

Omega Protein Shares Support of ASMFC Decision on New Menhaden Management Approach

USDA Authorizes Purchase of $30 Million in U.S. Produced Shrimp  

Senators Reintroduce Food Supply Protection Act Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Fisheries Agency Warned 318 Foreign Fishing Vessels to Leave Due to Crackdown Around Yamato Bank

JAPAN: Frozen Black Cod Price Keeps Falling  

ASMI Japan Hosts Alaska Seafood Fair at Major Supermarket Chains  

Initial Unemployment Claims Decrease in the Week Ending August 1

Merck Animal Health Acquires IdentiGEN  

Wed. Aug 5 2020

European Demand Set to Bolster Vietnam’s Shrimp Exports  

PERSPECTIVES: Six Programs to Virtually Promote US Seafood Products Overseas

Gulf of Mexico “Dead Zone” Smaller Than Forecasted

Consumer Advocacy Organization Sues Mowi Over Alleged Deceptive Advertising  

Norway’s Seafood Exports Levels for July Match Previous Year; Salmon Sees Growth in Volume  

NOAA Fisheries Cancels Four 2020 Surveys Due to COVID-19

ASC Publishes First Monitoring and Evaluation Report Displaying Impact of Responsible Aquaculture opens in AK

Blue Apron Partnership With Food Network Star Amanda Freitag Introduces New Salmon, Shrimp Recipes  

Brent Casper of Fortune Fish and Gourmet Returning to Minnesota

Major Russian Fishing Producer Calls For New Reforms in Domestic Fish Sector

Louisiana Trustees Approve Three Oyster Restoration Projects Summary Wednesday, August 5

Tue. Aug 4 2020

With Another Four Weeks to Go, Alaska Salmon Landings are at 55% of Pre-Season Forecast  

INSIGHT: Demand Downturn Sparks Salmon Farming Woes  

ANALYSIS: Live Lobster - Dull Demand, Declining Imports, Unsettled Market  

Massachusetts Begins Distribution Process of CARES Act Funds to Fishing, Seafood Industries

Under HEALS Act, Over Half of Restaurants Ineligible for PPP Loans

Sernapesca Releases Official Estimate of Escaped Fish From Blumar’s Caicura Center

National Retail Federation: Economic Recovery May Not Be a Steady Climb

RODA: Latest BOEM Offshore Wind Report Notes Serious Impact on Fishermen

US Coast Guard 230th Birthday Summary Tuesday, August 4

Mon. Aug 3 2020

Maine Certified Sustainable Lobster Association’s MSC Certification Suspended  

California, Oregon Fisheries Relief Funding May Soon be Available for Sectors Affected by COVID-19

NOAA Fisheries Closes Office in U.S. Embassy Tokyo After 33 years  

China’s Chief Epidemiologist Says Ventilation to Blame for Coronavirus Outbreaks at Seafood Markets   

Virus Surges in Alaska with More Than 300 New Cases in Two Days, Only One Related to Seafood

U.S. Responds After Hundreds of Chinese Vessels Found Illegally Fishing Near Galápagos Islands

Humpback Whale Disentangled off New York After Multi-day Effort

Bristol Seafood Names Brett Heidtke as COO Summary Monday, August 3

Fri. Jul 31 2020

NOAA Implements Nationwide Observer Waiver Criteria; Northeast Coverage to Begin August 14

ANALYSIS: Sockeye Salmon Buying Opportunities Below 3-Year, 5-Year Averages  

Public Hearing on F/V Scandies Rose Sinking Delayed Due to Pandemic

Senate Commerce Heard from Campbell, Cantwell, Others On Pebble, COVID, and Stock Surveys

FFAW Calls for Meeting With DFO After Release of Northern Cod Harvesting Plan  

OR and CA House Members Introduce Amendment to Stop Fast-Tracking Pebble Permit Process

Southern Shrimp Alliance: Interagency Seafood Trade Task Force Must Address Imports  

Russian Pollock Association Forecasts 10% Boost in Catch  

NOAA Releases Ten-Year Plan to Address Ocean Acidification

NL Fisheries Minister Announces $400K Marketing Fund for Seafood Following Impacts of COVID-19 Summary Friday, July 31

Instacart, Costco Partner for Same-day Delivery Throughout Canada

Tyson Foods Launches New, Nationwide COVID Monitoring Strategy; Expands Health Staff  

Thu. Jul 30 2020

The Week That Was: Alaska’s Worst for COVID-19 and Cases Still Climbing This Week Summary Thursday, July 30

Association of Seafood Producers: NL Shrimp Fishery Opening Despite Price Challenges  

Technomic Updates Their 2020 Foodservice Trend Predictions For Today's 'New Environment'

New Food Aid Program Links Alaska Fishermen to Food-Insecure Families in Pacific NW

MOWI Japan's Fresh Salmon Promotion at 154 Heiwado Stores on Salmon Day, July 30  

Eastern Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fishery in Japan Becomes First to Earn MSC Certification  

Review Finds 99.5 Percent of Atlantic Menhaden Year Class Stay in Water to Serve Ecological Role  

ANALYSIS: Cod Market Unsettled    

Fishing Bibs Recycled Into Bags; More Are Needed

How the HEALS Act Aims to Help Restaurants

The Week That Was: Alaska’s Worst for COVID-19 and Cases Still Climbing This Week

NFI Moves 2021 Global Seafood Market Conference to May

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US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer tried to get a mini-deal done with the EU that would have lifted tariffs on US lobster for export to the EU. According to a report that first appeared in Politico Europe, the US proposed a mini-trade agreement covering lobsters and some chemicals, in which the EU would drop tariffs on these items as a goodwill gesture prior to a US announcement on not imposing tariffs on European cars. The EU rejected the effort, as shown in a letter to Lighthizer from the EU Trade Commissioner...

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