Mon. Oct 19 2020

China's CDC Reports Detection of Living Coronavirus on Outer Packaging of Imported Frozen Cod  

ANALYSIS: King Crab Demand Improving During Pandemic  

OPINION: Dr. Al Gross Will Talk Truth, Not Tow the Party Line

NPFMC Narrows Focus on Abundance-Based Management for Pacific Halibut Bycatch in Bering Sea  

With Gloomy Overseas Markets, Vietnam’s Basa Industry is Looking for a Way Out  

Letter to the Editor: Polar Opposite Fishery Advocates Fields and Bonney Support Sullivan for Senate

Coast Guard Medevacs 58-Year-Old Crewmember Off Baffin Bay, Texas Summary Monday, October 19

Fri. Oct 16 2020

CBP Determines Minh Phu Evaded Antidumping Duty Order on Frozen Shrimp From India  

Re Trump’s May Executive Order: North Pacific Council Prioritizes Surveys and Catch Monitoring

Eight Fifty, Parent Company of Young’s Seafood Acquires Greenland Seafood; Grows Presence in Europe

Even With a Pandemic, NOAA and Alaska Fisheries Science Center Plan for Surveys to Resume in 2021

ANALYSIS: Pangasius Imports Flat, YTD totals Retreat  

OPINION: Visa Restrictions Are Threatening the Survival of the U.S. Shrimp Industry  

Alaska Fish Meetings Focus on COVID Delays, Halibut Bycatch  

GAPP ROI Study Reveals Marketing Impact For Wild Alaska Pollock Fillet, Wild Alaska Pollock Surimi  

Public Health Agency of Canada Investigating Vibrio Outbreak Linked to Shellfish  

NOAA Fisheries Develops Tools to Help Display Impact of Offshore Wind on Fishing Industry

Sysco Hires Judith Sansone in Newly Created Executive Role

Group of Six Fisheries in Ecuador Improve Thanks to Fishery Improvement Project Summary Friday, October 16

Thu. Oct 15 2020

Boston Lobsters a Hit at Restaurants and Recent Festivals in China  

Russian Crab Producers May be Forced to Look for Alternative Sale Markets in Short-term  

Canadian Seafood Industry Groups Tout Own Blue Economy Strategy

SURVEY: Shoppers Buying Seafood to ‘Stay Healthy’

Bellingham Opens Dockside Market with Local and Alaska Fish and Shellfish

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims Reach Highest Number Since August

Argentina’s Offshore Shrimp Season Dwindles to a Lackluster Close  

NOAA Provides Funding to Lobster, Jonah Crab Research Fleet as Fishery Undergoes Landings Jump  

Collapsible Black Cod Pots Keep Whales Away

Icelandic Salmon Complete Private Placement, Raises Nearly $70 Million  

NIELSEN STUDY: Omnichannel Shopping is the New Norm

Samherji Aquaculture Operation Acquires Nordural Assets, Eyeing New Fish Farm Site

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Notes Drop in Volumes of ‘Reasonably Well-managed’ Fisheries

Natural Shrimp, Ecoponex to Form Joint Venture

BioMar Hires New Global Research and Development Director Summary Thursday, October 15

Wed. Oct 14 2020

CARES Act: The Latest News and Updates on Funding Disbursement

Northern Harvest Sea Farms Facing Another Suspected Detection of ISAv  

Entangled Right Whale Spotted of New Jersey Coast, Whale in Extremely Poor Condition

SalMar Subsidiary Icelandic Salmon Upsizes Private Placement After Oversubscription  

Sysco Launches Holiday Toolkit for Restaurateurs to Help Navigate COVID-19 Shopping Season

NEFMC Highlights Importance of Scallop RSA Surveys During COVID-19 Pandemic  

ASC Certified Salmon Named ‘Best Choice’ for UK Shoppers  

Bumble Bee, Foodbeast Team Up to Spice Up Beloved Regional Dishes

Future of Fish Launches Seafood Voting Challenge

Online Tool Helps Fishermen Save Fuel

University of Maine Lobster Institute Hosting Series of Webinars Summary Wednesday, October 14

Tue. Oct 13 2020

North Pacific Council Sees Latest Efforts to Tie Bycatch in the Bering Sea to Halibut Abundance

China’s Domestic Seafood Sales Rebound, Though the Country Still Faces Challenges in Seafood Trade  

Seafood Sales Stay Strong During Pandemic  

8 Seafood Organizations To Support During Amazon Prime Day

More Than 500 IUU Chinese Ships in the Yellow Sea Inside Korean EEZ  

Japanese Fishing Vessel Owner Pleads Guilty to Illegal Shark Fin Trafficking

NEFMC Gives Go Ahead for Amendment 21 to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan  

ALFA's Linda Behnken Wins Prestigious Heinz Award for Environment: Cash Prize of $250,000

Thai Union to Expand Use of AlgaPrime DHA Feed Ingredient in Shrimp Farming Production  

New Certification for Plant-Based Seafood Created By GFI, World Sustainability Organization Summary Tuesday, October 13

Louisiana Shrimpers to Receive Funding to Help Pay For Turtle Excluder Devices  

Irish Minister Announces €1.4m in Grants for 8 Seafood Processing Companies

Conservation Groups Raise Red Flags About Champlain Hudson Power Express Project

Mon. Oct 12 2020

Alaska Senator Sullivan and Challenger Dr. Gross Spar in First Debate, Focus on Fish

EDITORIAL: NPFMC Meets on Halibut Management This Week  

EDITORIAL: NPFMC Meets on Halibut Management This Week Summary Monday, October 12

PODCAST: Russian Military in US EEZ; Shrimp Imports; Interviews With Wild Alaskan Co., Virgil Group

Fisherman Michael Foy's Illegal Fishing Charges Dropped; Returning to Court on October 27

DoorDash Helping Restaurants Prepare for Winter With $2 Million in Cold Weather Grants

Coast Guard Rescues Six From Trio of Grounded Fishing Vessels

Imported Tuna September Sales Results at Toyosu Market  

ANALYSIS: Pollock Block Seeing Record Prices Amid Supply Issues  

Pandemic's 'Second Wave' Sending P.E.I. Tuna Prices Down  

AP Holdings Co., Ltd. of Tokyo Switches to Serve Full-cycle Farmed Tuna at its Restaurants  

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Conservation Groups Raise Red Flags About Champlain Hudson Power Express Project

A number of conservation and social justice groups and First Nations filed a formal notice letter to the U.S. Department of Energy, citing “failure to fully address the environmental impacts of the proposed Champlain Hudson Power Express Canadian hydropower transmission corridor.”

The project in question aims to build a 1,000-megawatt high-voltage transmission line through lakes and rivers, including Lake Champlain and the Hudson River to transmit power from Canadian dams to load centers in New York...

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